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the announcer
wood, metal, fabric, string, hardware, a fake flower and a Twitch
36" x 24" x 4"
loretta louise
cardboard, string, yarn, blouses, garland, newspaper, sequins, tape, stickers, paint and a coffee table
64” x 44” x 58”
sensational sixty
cardboard, stool, paint, tape, string, banner, confetti, silly string, clip fan and a blouse
49” x 41” x 24”
untitled (so this is love)
spine of romance novel, section of wood table top
approx. 5" x 4" x1"
untitled (satin)
motorized tie rack, satin
4" x 60" x 40" (starting dimensions)
wood, motorized tie rack, glue, screws, fabric, sequins, metallic basket filler
71” x 8.5” x 7.5”
charlotte laze
cardboard, wood, fabric, wrapping paper, metallic basket filler, string, mini clamps, cement, house paint, paint cans, paint lids, antique wood post with nails, vinyl table cover, duster, electric fan, walkman, metal tube, elastic, tape, glue, screws and
60” x 66” x 75”